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Thoroughbred Communications works closely with two affiliate partner agencies.  Our partners share our belief that great communication starts with an understanding of each client's business, goals and brand promise. Working together, we are able to leverage our collective strengths to provide additional services and geographic reach.

Influence Matters, based in Beijing, strives to bring a new, flexible, PR offer to China, tailored to and accessible for fast growing businesses that need a strong partner which can focus on shaping and telling their story, building influence efficiently and consistently, so they can focus on creating technologies that make the world a more interesting place.

Spoke Marketing, based in St. Louis is a full-service marketing agency with a laser focus on finding their fastest path to cash™. To accomplish that, Spoke takes a holistic approach that requires a complete understanding of clients' business, their sales process and competitive landscape, the various buyers, influencers, and buying triggers. The agency has an experienced, team with diverse skill sets and a determination to deliver ROI.

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